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Viewshound Personal Essay: Barbra Streisand

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Here is my piece on one of my favorite performers Barbra Streisand.

Barbra Streisand Article (Please note Viewshound’s website was closed in January of 2012, the link no longer works, but you can read the article as it appeared below)

Streisand Superman

For me there is one actress who will always be my icon for style, beauty, and being a strong woman—and her name is Barbra Joan Streisand.

By Paula Rosenberg – Sunday 18 Dec 2011

Streisand superman

Image: Helga Esteb /

This semester I had the opportunity to take a film class. It was a great experience—the professor was fantastic and I truly enjoyed the readings and movies we watched in preparation for the course lectures. This class also provided with a secret academic dream of mine, which was to write a paper about the actress I idolize more than any other, Barbra Streisand.

My memories of the Fab Babs predate my memories of school and playmates. I knew her music before I was exposed to her movies. I used to dance around the living room for hours to my parents’ collection of her records. My favorite was The Broadway Album. The excitement and anticipation of life’s wonderful possibilities with her rendition ofSomething’s Coming was infectious. The sorrow of love that is forbidden still gets to me in the haunting duet that Barbra does with…Barbra in theKing and I’s We Kiss in a Shadow/I Have Dreamed.

Throughout my childhood and adolescence I slowly became introduced to the world of Ms. Streisand on film. I seemed to identify with her more so than any other actress. Perhaps it was because she was an unconventional beauty by Hollywood standards, although I’ve always found her gorgeous. I thought of myself as an ugly duckling of sorts as a child and her film characters never seemed particularly confident in their looks. It was comforting to know that someone who didn’t necessarily feel like she was “the pretty girl” could end up leaving men played by such handsome actors as Robert Redford, Omar Sharif, and Jeff Bridges smitten. Not to mention her music video to Emotion where her lover is sexy rocker Roger Daltrey and gets literally swept off her feet by the beautiful Mikhail Baryshnikov.

I find that there’s a Streisand movie to help with any life dilemma a gal could possibly face. If you’re feel your brilliant, but no one else can see what a talent you are, see Funny Girl. If your significant other is taking your relationship a bit slower than you’d like, check out The Mirror Has Two Faces. If you have a crush on your study buddy, but he is more interested in the girl with the pretty hair, and you find that the only way to be near your infatuation is to pose as a man and marry that red headed beauty he adores, than Yentl is the film for you. Seriously if you are experiencing any of life’s aliments take two Barbra Streisand films and call me in the morning.

Ms. Streisand is also a much more exciting fashion icon than that other famous Barbie. She made ultra long nails and Nefertiti eyes seem perfectly acceptable as a daytime look in the 60’s. The 70’s came in with the sleek, straight haired look of What’s Up Doc and went out with the glam, disco perm she sported in The Main Event. For a hot minute I actually thought my underoos were cool when I saw Ms. S. posing in a logo tee and striped socks on the cover of her album Superman . If you want to see one of the best dressed movie characters of all time, you need to immediately check out Barbra as Daisy Gamble in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.

But Babs is more to me than a fashionable movie star with an amazing set of pipes. She is the outspoken political activist who’s used her talent and resources to raise funds for causes and candidates she believes in. She’s a talented film director who helped paved the way for today’s successful female movie directors. To me she’ll always be brilliant, beautiful, Barbra-although my seatmates in film class have threatened to make me sit alone if I continue singing the theme song to The Way We Were during class.

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December 19, 2011 at 11:59 pm

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