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Viewshound Article: Pink Fashion

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Here is my latest Viewshound Article on adding pink to your wardrobe this winter.

Viewshound Article on Pink Fashion  (Please note Viewshound’s website was closed in January of 2012, the link no longer works, but you can read the article as it appeared below)


Pretty in pink

Playful pink is a color that’s in vogue this season. If you’re wary of pulling off the shade in your clothing, try adding it into your accessories.

By Paula Rosenberg – Tuesday 06 Dec 2011

Pretty in pink

I’m currently attending graduate school. The other day as I pulled out my magenta planner, fuchsia notebook, and cherry blossom colored netbook it occurred to me that I really like pink. After pouring a packet of berry flavored Emergen-C into my Poland Spring, even my water was pink.

Is there a color more fun than pink? It’s bubbly, feminine, and wistful. Fashion in the 20th century offered us some great moments in pink. In the 1930s designer Elsa Schiaprelli introduced the distinct shade of shocking pink into our lexicon. Who could forget how Audrey Hepburn ran with the color on screen in the 60s donning a modern dark pink Givenchy frock in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Then of course there was the infamous pink ball gown that Gwyneth Paltrow wore when she won her Oscar. South Park’s Matt Stone recycled the dress and wore it when he was co-nominated for an Academy Award.

Pink is back in style this season. Many women admire the shade, but the idea of pulling it off in an outfit intimidates them. A great way to take the hue in baby steps is to start sprinkling it into your accessories. Before you know it you’ll be channeling Kay Thompson singing “Think Pink” in the opening of the musical Funny Face. Here are some great ways to pop a little pink into your wardrobe.


If you’re like me and you live in an urban environment, black, grey, and navy colored coats seem to rule the sidewalks during the fall and winter months. If you are confident enough to hit the streets wearing a carnation pink wool coat then all the more power to you, but a more approachable option for many is adding a pink scarf to a neutral colored jacket. I recently purchased a five dollar hot pink pashmina and paired it with my midnight blue raincoat. I love the way the shade adds a burst of brightness to an overcast afternoon.


The shade of pink and the type of head gear you choose should be done strategically to match your personality. If you’re a little princess why not try a baby pink headband with a girly flourish like a bow. If your day to day look has a certain chicness to it, than try a deep pink, wool bucket hat for blustery days. If you like retro than pay homage to the 80s with a raspberry baret. I know that I feel a little prettier wearing a mountbatten baseball cap when I go running.


What a great way to make an entrance. I love that every season Kate Spade has at least one pair of party heels in a “look at me” shade of pink. I had a pair of bubble gum colored kitten heels that I lived in for years. If stilettos aren’t your thing, try a pair of pearly pink ballet flats. You can even buy pepto bismol colored converse sneakers.


Here’s upping the ante on that whole making an entrance. One of my favorite things about the cooler weather is getting to add opaque stockings to my outfits. Trust me, if you walk into a room with a pair of salmon legs, people will notice.

Your Non-Clothing Accessories

If you still aren’t convinced that you can pull off the color in your apparel, try adding in other ways. If you want to delve right in with a statement piece try an amaranth shaded hobo bag. If you just want to dip your toes in the water with the tint, try a blush wallet or iPod case.

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Written by paularosenberg

December 6, 2011 at 11:13 pm

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