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Viewshound Article: Clothes Shopping While Loosing Weight

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Here is my article on how to shop for clothing when you’re in the process of loosing weight.  It was published on viewshound.

(Please note Viewshound’s website was closed in January of 2012, the link no longer works, but you can read the article as it appeared below)

Viewshound Fashion Article

Budgeting for a transitional wardrobe

I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and have had to constantly update my closet. Here are some tips that have helped me save money during this process.

By Paula Rosenberg – Wednesday 16 Nov 2011


Budgeting for clothing while you’re in the process of loosing weight is a challenge and one that I’m all too familiar with. After struggling with obesity most of my life, I made the decision to have Lap-Band. I recently ran into acquaintances who didn’t recognize me, but my body isn’t the only part of me that’s changed over this past year. My closet has had quiet the metamorphosis as well.

When you’re loosing weight, you end up needing to constantly restock your wardrobe as your size changes. This can be a costly undertaking, especially if you are trying to loose a significant amount of weight. As a full time graduate student I certainly understand the necessity of budgeting. You can still have a closet full of clothes that fit your needs and style while you are transitioning from size to size without breaking the bank. Here are some tips I’ve discovered while going through this process myself:

1. Consignment Stores Are Your New Best Friend:

Consignment stores and resale shops are a great place to look for clothing when you’re not going to stay in a size for more than several weeks. Don’t let the idea of buying someone’s hand-me-downs turn you off. Stores generally only take clothing that is gently worn and I’ve purchased quite a few pieces that still had the original tags on them. Even for never before worn garments, you’ll end up paying a fraction of what you would have spent in a department store. Another great thing about resale stores is that you can resell your gently worn clothing and receive either cash or store credit in return.

2. Invest in Items That Will Last You Several Sizes:

Find articles that you can still get away with wearing after you’ve dropped another size or two. I’ve found that I get several sizes out of loose flowing dresses. I’ve been able to take them from season to season by adding a couple accessories. I took a knee length, short sleeve dress that I wore in the summer and updated the look for fall by adding opaque tights and a shrug. I’ve extended the life of one size too large cardigans by belting them so they don’t appear baggy.

3. Find a Good Tailor to Help Extend the Shelf Life of Your Clothes:

Last winter my houndstooth coat was several sizes too large, but I knew that any outerwear I purchased would be too big by the time I got to this winter. I took my coat to a tailor who for under 50 dollars was able to alter it to my new body frame. I’ve also found it worth taking better quality pants to the tailor as well. For less than 20 dollars I was able to have some Anne Klein pinstripe slacks taken in. It certainly would have cost me more to have purchased a new pair.

4. Check Out Clearance Racks and Online Sales:

Why pay full price for something that won’t last you more than a month or two? Clearance racks are a good place to stock up on some staples, but don’t buy things that are out of season, they probably won’t work by the time you’re able to pull them out storage. Don’t forget to check out your favorite store’s website as well. You can sometimes find online exclusive sales that will end up saving you major green.

5. Use Sales to Prepare Ahead:

If you know that you’re going to be dropping another size in the near future this is a great way to save some money while getting the basics that you need right away. If jeans are two for one, buy one in your current size and buy one a size smaller. I only recommend this last tip if you are loosing a significant amount of weight and changing sizes frequently. Having clothes that are too small in your closet for a long period of time can feel more like a taunt than a motivator.

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November 26, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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