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Viewshound Article: Free Summer Workouts in NYC

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Here is my article on free workouts in NYC that was published on ViewsHound.

Viewshound Article on Free Workouts in NYC (Please note Viewshound’s website was closed in January of 2012, the link no longer works, but you can read the article as it appeared below)

Five free ways to work out in NYC this summer

Even if you are flat out broke this summer there are plenty of no-cost options for working out in NYC.

By Paula Rosenberg – Sunday 03 Jul 2011


They say you can’t put a price tag on your health, but an annual membership at many of the Big Apple’s gyms runs into the thousands. Spending the day on your sofa channel surfing may seem like the wallet friendly option for a summer activity, but even if you’re on a shoestring budget there are no-cost options for getting in a good workout.

1. Shape Up NYC

If you’ve been dying to take a Zumba or Kickboxing class, but are sans a gym membership this is a great option. New York City’s Parks and Rec. Department offers a variety of fitness classes in all five boroughs free of charge, everything from Step Aerobics in Queens to Body Sculpting in Staten Island.

2. Downtown Boathouse

Kayaking is a great upper body workout, but most urbanities don’t have room in their studio to store the equipment. The Downtown Boathouse provides kayaks for free at three locations on Manhattan’s west side (West Village, Midtown, and Upper West Side). If you are new to the sport and timid about wading into the Hudson, the Midtown location offers free intro classes every Wednesday. More experienced kayakers may be interested in the three hour group trips that run throughout the summer.

3. Bryant Park Summer Programs

If spending eight hours a day chained to your midtown desk has got you stir crazy, you should head over to Bryant Park for your coffee break or after work to re-energize and recharge. The park offers free yoga, tai chi, dance, and fencing lessons. If you want to do something a little less intense, grab some friends and take advantage of the park’s free ping pong tables or petanque courts.

4.Waterfront Workouts

Brooklynites can enjoy working out with incredible views at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Their Waterfront Workouts offers free courses in Bellydancing, Zumba, Pilates, and Aerobics. The park also has free kayaking and rowing available.

5.Fitness Walking Program

Fort Tyron Park in Manhattan’s Inwood offers a free fitness walking program year round and work with individuals so they can participate at a level that is comfortable. During the summer month the park also offers free Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Dance classes. This location is perfect for uptown and Bronx residents.


Written by paularosenberg

October 15, 2011 at 12:48 pm

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